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Interior sliding door systems Evolution Max Double Door

Pocket system for plasterboard wall with lateral reinforcement for hanging weights such as shelves, wall furniture, TV plugs, etc. We suggest using proper number and dimension of plasterboard wall plugs according to single item weight. For specific cases, we suggest asking for technical advice or, in any case, to consider safety rules normally provided by the wall plugs supplier.
You can set the system with a double plasterboard sheet or fiberglass reinforced gypsum.


Galvanized zinc-coated metal sheets DX51 Z100, 0.7 mm thick. 2 mm galvanised metal mesh for plaster version.
Anodized aluminium rail. 100 Kg track kit guaranteed for 100.000 cycles

Simultaneous Opening Kit
Easy Stop
Glass door sliding kit
120Kg Track Kit
Under door profile
Mag Evo

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