The production process of a pocket system takes several phases, from choosing the raw materials through to determining the characteristics of the finished product that installers will bring to your home. At the beginning of the complete cycle production, there are steel coils. They are pretty similar to the ribbon rolls but they are larger than 1,2 meters and made of zinc coated steel.

The metal sheet is inserted into the profiling machine, a big and complex machine (50 meters long), that operates with a long series of rolls on the metal panels.

The profiling machine is in charge of:
– the profile ridges ( adds a third dimension reinforcing the metal sheet)
– panel’s cut, following the adequate size, creating the two sides of the pocket, the biggest parts of a cavity sliding door system.

Just after the profiling machine, a robot has no practical difficulties in handling properly two separate production lines, Logika and Evolution. Thus, the Evolution goes to the clinching process of the horizontal reinforcement bars (6 for each side) and the application of steel mesh, for plastered wall version. The metal mesh offers an excellent grab to the overlying mortar layer that will act as, once dry, the base for hydro paints according to customer’s choice. In the plasterboard wall version, the plasterboard sheets will be fastened to the horizontal reinforcement bars through plugs.

A smaller profiling machine is in charge of smaller pieces. All is assembled automatically.

The pocket sliding door system is now complete: the rail is added as well as just made trolleys.
The rail is made of aluminum AW6060 anodized 10 microns. During our many years of experience in this sector, we have examined that this metal quality offers the best fluidity and extremely silent operation. The trolleys are made of nylon and the wheels are equipped with ball bearings. They were tested by an independent institute and certified with a 100.000 opening-closing lifespan according to UNI EN 1527:2000 law.

Packaging, storage and shipping: this is the final phase of production cycle. The parcel is packed in order to satisfy two needs: travel safely, even for long distances; be easily unpacked and mounted by all around the world installers.

Now our pocket systems and our sliding doors are ready and eager to decorate our customers’ homes, with all the quality and attention to detail that have been making our production proud for 30 years.

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